Crystal I ce Collection


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Inspired by a visit to Brazil in 2006 and a

meeting with miners in the Brazlian State of Minas Gerias. 

Our Vision

Spiritually Inspired

Donna Elam grew up in Long Beach. She settled in Ojai where the natural beauty and artistic atmosphere inspired her to find her creative expression in designing jewelry with natural gemstones.

Her guiding principles are quality of design, craftsmanship and materials.

She designs with balanced asymmetry and thoughtful color combinations making for exciting, unique and inspired pieces.

Donna’s high quality craftsmanship ensures work that will last and is comfortable to wear.

She personally selects superior quality stones, Sterling silver clasps and ear wires.

"Throughout the design and creation process I think about who will eventually wear the piece and consciously generate positive emotions and affirmations.  I believe that the pieces are infused with this good energy.”

Is it all Illusion?

Yes, certainly!

So use the power of illusion to enhance your world!